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Time saving, error reducing, compliance enhancing, cost saving benefits

Our cutting edge platform empowers our clients with three key, far-reaching benefits over their entire contingent staffing supply chain:

Without full and total visibility over your entire supply chain, you do not have control. Therefore your decision-making process is flawed, and you will never achieve the cost saving you require.

Without control over your supply chain, which requires visibility you will always find it difficult to deploy initiatives as reporting success or failure on initiatives is virtually impossible.

Cost savings
To achieve actual cost savings, you need the ability to monitor and report, quickly and accurately, trusting and utilising that management information to make the necessary changes to support your initiatives.

Proven financial savings
Following six years experience in Healthcare, helping clients realise the true benefits of outsourcing their temporary staffing, providing maximum visibility and therefore control over their entire contingent supply chain.

Our efficient processes and unique end-to-end system have demonstrated tangible outcomes for our clients, including fill rates of over 95%, processing over £100m in payments, of which 75% of supply is at or under NHSi Caps resulting in realised savings of £17m.

A new approach to an old problem
We revolutionise the relationship organisations and employers of contingent workers have with recruitment agencies to increase choice, drive down costs and overheads while raising the compliance standards of temporary staffing.

From raising and distributing vacancies to your supply chain, reviewing offered candidate and their compliance documentation to approving timesheets and controlling restrictions, all delivered via a single, modern, beautifully designed, web-based platform which is a joy to use.

Cutting edge cloud technology

Responsively designed with user experience as a primary focus, users know how to use it without extensive training, ensuring rapid deployment and stakeholder acclimation regardless of technical ability.

Built from the ground up in 2015, in the latest language and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for limitless scalability, resilience and speed with 99%+ uptime and seamless, downtime-free updates.

Vendor management

We turn a one to many relationships between client and suppliers into a one to one, relationship allowing you to manage 1-1,000 suppliers efficiently via a single cutting edge cloud application.

Full managed service

To complement the cloud application a dedicated team of managed service professionals oversee everything from implementation through to account management, candidate and supplier support and supplier audits.

Highly Configurable
Infinitemp is highly configurable, so workflow and processes can match the way you currently work, including real-time KPI monitoring, scorecards and productivity reporting.

Rate controls and exceptions

Centralised rate cards control charge and pay rates systemwide, coupled with a transparent offering and escalation mechanisms in line with NHSi compliance control all exceptions.

Candidate compliance

We are turning the delivery of sensitive candidate information and documentation on its head. Only 100% compliant and evidenced candidates can be offered. Documents are stored securely and always available for assessment at lightening speed, so no more email attachments, faxes or phone calls chasing updated or corrected documents.

Realtime Reporting

All data is maintained and updated in real-time allowing for the most accurate reporting across all business areas, locations, grades and roles simultaneously, providing total visibility and therefore control of your entire supply chain.

Automated checks

We automate continuous data cleansing via robust data validation both in the field and via APIs connected to GMC, NMC, HCPC, DBS, Companies House, Bank Account Validation, Postcode lookup and many other PRI (Public Record Intelligence) databases.

National frameworks

We have secured places on all current national UK Government frameworks including: LPP (CPP), HTE and CCS G-Cloud 11 Frameworks.

Customer service

Our team of account management professionals are available at all times, supporting clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing a true out of hours service.

Spend controls
We negotiate and standardise terms, conditions, processes and rates across your entire supply chain and remove all administrative inefficiencies. Automatic application of EWTD break policies and time specific charging profiles n timesheets ensures 100% accuracy in spend at all times.

Ingenious invoicing

Flexible, accurate invoicing, consolidated and at a frequency you want. Our invoices are fully detailed and backed by an optional data file for easy integration to your accounting systems.

Ultra secure

Ultra secure environment accessed via a 256 bit TLS/SSL connection. ISO 9001, 27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, regular CHECK tested, including UK-specific: Information Governance (IG) Level 3, and ICO registered.


Create restrictions from a department, site, client or global basis ensuring your staff restrictions are maintained across your entire supply chain from a single entry.

Audit ready

Activity on profiles, compliance, assignments and all transactions and invoices have full audit tracking, we also show before and after values to pivotal data changes. Resulting in you always being audit ready.


We are proud of the accreditations, affiliations we have earned and in which we participate. In each instance, the badges represent documented best practices and independent third-party assessments that affirm our organisation’s commitment to excellence.

Our clients and stakeholders can be assured that NLG RPO set the bar high and consistently challenge ourselves to achieve ever higher standards of excellence.

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