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Healthcare workforce solutions

Infinitemp® was designed primarily for the ultra compliance driven temporary healthcare market, both NHS and private.

It has a whole host of features focused on delivering our healthcare clients a distinct advantage when using a temporary workforce including medical locums, nursing, allied health and administrative roles.

Reduce Spend. Maintain Staff

Save upwards of £190K per £1M of spend, that's a 19% reduction in spend without reducing frontline staffing. Increase invoicing accuracy up to 99.8%.

Managed Services Cost the Earth, Right?
Wrong, our outstanding service and game changing system are all available from as little as 0.38p + VAT per booked hour when implemented through a national Framework agreement.

Off-Payroll Compliant
Our service and platform is built to handle the complexities of the newly introduced Off-Payroll Legislation affecting all Public Sector organisations, removing any uncertainty and risk.

UK Healthcare Staffing Frameworks
We have secured places on all current national UK Government and private frameworks: LPP (CPP), HTE and CCS G-Cloud 11 Frameworks. Allowing our clients choice when selecting us as their managed service partner.

Evidenced Compliance
Fully audited candidate compliance management, monitoring and enforcement. Checks on document validity and expiry are managed autonomously and all documentation is validated by a human compliance officer.

Secured Document Storage
All compliance documentation and details used in a candidate offer, including: CV, DBS, Mandatory Training, Work Health Assessments, References are all captured, evidenced, encrypted and stored for a minimum of 7 years.

Supplier Management

Manage 1 - 1,000 agencies via a single cutting edge application, automating workflow and configuring bespoke processes to drastically reduce administration, error rate and improve communication and productivity.

Centralised Realtime Reporting
All data is maintained and updated in real-time allowing for the most accurate reporting across all business areas, departments and sites simultaneously, providing total visibility and control over your entire supply chain from a single place.

Super Simple Vacancy Management
Distribute new vacancies our to your entire supply chain at the touch of a button, create multiple tiers with protected response times, and visually see the stage any vacancy is at, any responses and offers at any point in time. No phone calls, faxing or emails required.

Rate Controls
Configurable client rate cards control agreed/set pay, charge and commission rates, including optional multiple levels of approval. Transparent offering and escalation approval and break glass mechanisms in line with NHSi compliance.

Automated Checks

We automate continuous data cleansing via robust data validation both in the field and via APIs connected to GMC, NMC, HCPC, DBS, Companies House, Bank Account Validation, Postcode lookup and many other PRI (Public Record Intelligence) databases.

Easy to Learn

Responsively designed with user experience as a primary focus, users know how to Infinitemp® without extensive training, ensuring rapid deployment and stakeholder acclimation regardless of technical ability.

Cutting Edge Technology

Built from the ground up in 2015 in the latest language and hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for limitless scalability, resilience and speed with 98%+ uptime and seamless, downtime-free updates.

Ultra Secure
Ultra secure environment accessed via a 256 bit TLS/SSL connection. ISO 9001, 27001, 14001, Cyber Essentials Plus, regular CHECK tested, including
UK-specific: Information Governance (IG) Level 3, and ICO registered.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Our fixed pricing is simple and transparent, based on each transaction processed within Infinitemp, can be as little at £0.38ppt (price per transaction) dependent on which healthcare framework you choose to purchase from. You only pay for what you use.

Pre-Audited Supplier Network

We have a nationwide network of 45+ audited Healthcare framework suppliers ready and waiting to support you and your existing agency relationships and its growing every day.

We administer our core supplier network on a daily basis, reacting to your ongoing requirements, peaks, and troughs in demand so that your desired fill rate and level of choice are not only met but exceeded.

Our network is proven to deliver a combined fill rate of 95%, with 74% first offers within an hour and an invoice accuracy rate of 99.8%.

Whether you choose to instruct your own agency panel or use ours, or choose a sweet spot and have a mixture of the two, that's entirely up to you.

Not forgetting our ability to create tiered rules with protected lead times for specific tiers, giving you the ability to create exactly the right environment to suit your needs.


We are proud of the accreditations, affiliations we have earned and in which we participate. In each instance, the badges represent documented best practices and independent third-party assessments that affirm our organisation’s commitment to excellence.

Our clients and stakeholders can be assured that NLG RPO set the bar high and consistently challenge ourselves to achieve ever higher standards of excellence.

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